Glocal Conference: Inside Social Media

glocalGlocal Conference
New York University Skopje, Macedonia

Call for Papers 2009
Glocal: Inside Social Media

“The history of the world is but the biography of great men” is the famous Thomas Carlyle quote, in which he explains “it is the few, the powerful and the famous individuals who shape our collective destiny as humans”. If this used to be the leading concept in the past, then today we can say that an almost radical alteration is rapidly sweeping the globe.

Technology has reached a point where almost everyone has a voice. The voice articulated through social media, has already proven to be extremely powerful and able to change the behaviour of individuals, governments, companies and communities. The new digital universe, and the reality of our digital lives, is continuously blurring the existing boundaries. Social media are transforming the ways by which culture, politics and economics are enabled, often challenging the existing knowledge about ourselves and the principles on which our society was fashioned.

The intensity and the accelerating effects of those transformations confront the researchers, theorists, critics and practitioners, from many disciplines, with a need to understand and contextualize the influences of social media and their reflecting changes in everyday life.

The International Glocal Conference, “Inside Social Media” invites researchers and industry practitioners interested in creating and analyzing social media for a continuous discussion that was started, very successfully, at the last year’s conference “Glocal 2.0: Blogging: Evolution Treated as Revolution”.


1. Network Cultures
2. Collaborating, Connecting, Collecting (Aggregation and Syndication)
3. Social Media tools in working environment
4. Transforming Cultural Industries
5. Legal framework for Social Media
6. Growing business on top of social media
7. Social Video – new ways of visual communication
8. Shapeshifting identities
9. Relationship between social media and mainstream media
10. Learning practices and Social Media
11. Psychological, personality-based, and ethnographic studies of social media
12. Software architectures for Social Media


Abstract Submission: 10 June, 2009
Abstract acceptance:  1 July, 2009
Camera Ready Paper Submission: 15 September, 2009
Conference: October 15-17, 2009

Working language: English


Please submit your paper proposals (abstracts, 200-300 words) and a short CV at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it // <![CDATA[// <![CDATA[
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// ]]>


All accepted papers and extended abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings.
For more information please visit the Conference website.

All inquires to:

Jana Ivanovska
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it // <![CDATA[// <![CDATA[
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Tel.: ++389 2 20 34 600
Fax: ++389 2 20 34 630

New York University Skopje
Faculty of Communication and Media Studies
Saraj bb., 1066 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia




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