In this blog, you will find information about events, jobs, internships, programs, scholarships and much more, in media, communication and cultural studies.

We hope you like it, and leave some comments and/or suggestions.

Kind Regards, and welcome to Communimedia

Yan Cheng and Amaranta Alfaro

CoMundus 2008 Students


9 responses to “About

  1. Hey,

    you’ve built a great website with relevant information for me!

    Will be consulting it regularly ๐Ÿ™‚

    See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Great blog! I`ll hope to hear more news from you, you can only try to fix the links in the articles. Greatings, Lucy

  3. Thank you! It is very helpful!

  4. For media and journalism students, one of the best resources available today is the ‘Media Studies’ book by Long&Wall http://www.doingmediastudies.com

    Here is also the funny Flickr stream of the of the book…http://www.flickr.com/photos/doingmediastudies/ An interesting way of learning media theory through images: ethnography, slash fiction, discourse analysis. If all books were presented like that, the session of exams would be a lot less painful..

  5. Hey Chenyan๏ผŒ

    this is just a short message that I am now also in Aarhus University(Viborg),if by chance that you have some special interest in Agriculture or come to Jutland, you can contact me.

    Best regards!

  6. I want to subscribe it

    • Thanks very much for your interest and support. We use WORDPRESS to publish the information and we do not have authority to change the technological settings. But you can add the link of this weblog into your bookmark. Hope you can find sth. interesting.

  7. Thank you for your efforts. Nepal government has decided to celebrate 2011
    is tourism year, winch is the very positive indication of development.
    It has target to bring one million tourist came Nepal.From 6th”plan
    our country has focused on journalists poverty reduction but still we
    are in the vicious circle of poverty. So economic development through
    chrism sounds good and important. and hope that bilateral relations
    will grow in future,we beg to send you brief information’s of National
    Press Club,Nepal{NPCN},

    NPCN believes in peace, progress, democracy always works
    environment awareness to protect occupational rights. NPCN
    representing journalists dedicated to elevating the standard of the
    fourth estate of the country and has contribution well informed to
    people. We work hard under the UNESCO principles.We extend our
    friendship relations.
    NPCN to fulfill the following aims
    -to exchange the ideals of journalism.
    -to exchange views with journalists silence & technology.
    -to work for peace, disarmament environmental and friendship .
    -believe in democracy.always works to protect occupational rights .
    We hope that you will send us upcoming events, by post as
    soon as possible.

    Rup Karmacharya
    Joint Secretary,

    P.O.Box 4657 Kathmandu.

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