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CFP: Union for Democratic Communication 2012 International Conference

CFP: Union for Democratic Communication 2012 International Conference
“Climates of Change: Democracy Movements, Media, and Global Environments”
Deadline: Submit your 500 word abstract toUDC2012@gmail.com  by January 15, 2012, and join us in Tallahassee for the conference May 10-12, 2012.

**The intersections of proliferating new media technology, economic inequality, and global environmental instability are producing new spaces for social and political agency, real and imagined. From astroturf campaigns of corporate sponsored populist outrage to the very real popular anger at the economic stagnation of the middle class, politicians and pundits are leveraging fear, doubt, and denial to advance old world agendas at the very moment when new media technologies are opening new pathways for social organization, information and fact checking. Further, in the face of economic restructuring and the continued dismantling of everything “public,” mainstream media outlets both celebrate the virtues of social media to liberate us from disinformation and domination and disseminate corporate ideology, misinformation, and distorted dichotomies in the name of objectivity.

The 2012 Conference of the Union for Democratic Communications seeks submissions that address the pressing issues manifested by climates of change. For example, how are social media tools being used to liberate and/or enclose democratic participation? What forces are structuring contemporary debates about global climate change and the cultural and economic impacts of policy decisions shaped by these debates? What media and communication tools and strategies are social movements using to counter and confront obstruction, disinformation and denial? How are mainstream media news frames challenged and reconfigured by new media news sources – blogs, Twitter, podcasts and citizen media?

Submit your 500 word abstract toUDC2012@gmail.com  by January 15, 2012, and join us in Tallahassee for the conference May 10-12, 2012.


Nicole B. Cox, M.S.
PhD Candidate
School of Communication
College of Communication&  Information
Florida State University

More info: http://www.democraticcommunications.net/home/CFP-UDC-2012


Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2010, 21-23 June 2010, Bonn, Germany

The vast majority of the scientific world agrees that the environment would collapse with an increase in global temperature beyond 2° Celsius. Combating global warming and its potential dangers requires various forms of action.

  •  Adaptation – minimizing the effects of unusual and extreme weather events such as heat waves, wind storms, floods and droughts.
  •  Mitigation – reducing the causes of climate change and global warming (designing energy policy, advancing renewable energies, eliminating the use of fossil fuels).
  • Vision – transforming into a post-fossil fuel, sustainable, lowcarbon society.

All of this requires a fundamental change in attitude, behaviour and lifestyle at an individual level as well as in the economic and political realms at large. Here is where media can and must play a crucial role. These matters of consciousness and awareness are profoundly shaped by the media.

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2010 will address and assess the pivotal issues that have consigned the world to such a precarious state and seek a viable way out by looking at the role of the media on an international, national and local level. The 2010 conference will bring together media users and producers, scientists, peace keeping and conf lict prevention specialists, energy industry experts, policy makers as well as representatives from international, grassroots and non-governmental organizations to discuss how to harmonize individual and collective action in order to steer the world away from a foreboding future and instead toward genuine sustainability. The role the media play in this process will consistently be in focus during the three-day conference.

Join the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2010 and participate in the change the world cannot afford to delay.



Source: http://www.dw-gmf.de/index.php