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Conference on the Role of Media in the Arab World’s Transformation Process


The University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, the Cologne University of Applied
Sciences and DW-AKADEMIE cordially invite you to take part in the
Third Deutsche Welle Media Dialogue.
The Role of Media in the Arab World’s Transformation Process
May 16, 2012
Deutsche Welle | Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3 | 53113 Bonn

Prof. Dr. Michael Krzeminski (University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg)
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schmidt (DW-AKADEMIE)
Prof. Dr. Rolf Schwartmann (Cologne Media Law Research Department,
Cologne University of Applied Sciences)

Since the “Arab Spring” uprisings beginning in December 2010, social media and its influence on the transformation process in the Arab world has often been praised as being the core medium in times of revolution. In some countries, in fact, it appears to have played an important role.
But has social media been more effective than traditional media? Which other factors spurred these revolutions? Why have some uprisings been successful and others suppressed? And what role does media development play?
The conference aims to analyze the diverse structural, economic, legal and political dimensions of the media market in the Arab world and their influence on political developments.

Two panels will explore the following topics:
Panel 1 Regulation versus liberty: Media landscape transformation
The focus will be on the state and development of the media market in the Arab world,
the legal and economic situation, and future perspectives for the media there.
Panel 2 social media revolution and freedom of expression
The focus will be on the impact of social media on political mobilization, and on social
media’s possibilities and obstacles regarding the recent social processes in the Arab world.

The conference will be held in English. We invite international media academics and political scientists, economists, academic lawyers and journalists to participate.

Please send your proposal for a 15-minute presentation to DW-AKADEMIE (see e-Mail below) as a pdf or doc. file. The abstract should contain no more than 6,000 characters (including blank spaces) and should be assigned to one of the panels.

Submissions should be made in English. Please include a title page with your proposal containing the presentation title and name(s) and address(es) of the presenter(s). Please also include a short abstract which – should your proposal be accepted – will be used for the program.
Papers will be subject to review. Submitters will be informed by February 29, 2012. All accepted proposals will be published in full length in the conference transcript.

Authors are encouraged to submit their abstracts/papers for consideration as posters. Posters can be presented during the conference breaks. The above conditions regarding the selection process for papers also apply to the poster session.

Submission date: Submissions are now being accepted
Submission deadline: February 06, 2012.
Submitters will be informed by February 29, 2012.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schmidt
International Media Studies
T +49. 228. 429- 2031
F +49. 228. 429- 3520


Open Junior Professorship eGov and Semantic Web and open young researcher position in PEPPOL at University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany

The Faculty of Computer Science  at University of Koblenz-Landau, Campus Koblenz (Germany) has now announced the call for applications to the position of a Junior Professorship in Applied Informatics, special theme Semantic Web and E-Government (W1). The deadline for handing in job applications is 1st June 2010
The Junior Professorship will be embedded in the Institute for Information Systems Research
and shall be awarded starting on first October 2010.
The applicant is meant to create a linking pin between e-government and the semantic web / web science team chaired by my colleague Steffen Staab therewith advancing the application of semantic web methods and tools in the public sector.
The detailed call for application is available under: <http://www.stellenwerk-koblenz-landau.de/uploads/tx_exinitswkjobs/43-10__FB_4__W1-Professur__ENGLISCH.pdf>http://www.stellenwerk-koblenz-landau.de/uploads/tx_exinitswkjobs/43-10__FB_4__W1-Professur__ENGLISCH.pdf. Applications can be handed in eit her in German or in English. The German version is available under <http://www.stellenwerk-koblenz-landau.de/uploads/tx_exinitswkjobs/43-10__FB_4__W1-Professur.pdf>http://www.stellenwerk-koblenz-landau.de/uploads/tx_exinitswkjobs/43-10__FB_4__W1-Professur.pdf.
I kindly ask you to forward the announcement to interested colleagues.

Besides the Junior Professorship, my research team currently seeks for a young researcher to support and complement the team working in the PEPPOL project (<http://www.peppol.eu>www.peppol.eu). The position is available immediately (salary group 13 TV-L) and terminates with the end of the PEPPOL project (31st October 2011). The applicant will work within the team of implementing shared software components for the Virtual COmpany Dossier, in specific, a VCD viewer and VCD editor. He / She will work in an international project and will be involved in the pilot planning and evaluation of the VCD piloting. Expertise is required in XML, Java and other web-based technologies related to cross-organisational exchange of documents based on standard formats and techno logies. A more detailed specification of the call for application is available under <http://www.stellenwerk-koblenz-landau.de/uploads/tx_exinitswkjobs/42-10__FB_4__1_0_EGr.pdf>http://www.stellenwerk-koblenz-landau.de/uploads/tx_exinitswkjobs/42-10__FB_4__1_0_EGr.pdf (unfortunately only in German). Interested persons hand in their job application (CV, certificates, short description of experiences and research interests, etc.) until 20th of May 2010 to <mailto:wimmer@uni-koblenz.de>wimmer@uni-koblenz.de. Please add reference 42/2010 to your submission. For any specific questions, please contact  + 49 (0)261/287-2646 (Prof. Dr. Maria Wimmer – see

Source: http://www.uni-koblenz.de/agvinf/

CFP: “Rewriting, Remixing, and Reloading: Adaptations across the Globe”

International Conference
“Rewriting, Remixing, and Reloading: Adaptations across the Globe”
Centre for British Studies, Berlin, 30 September to 1 October, 2010

Call for Papers and Panels

Convenors: Pascal Nicklas (Humboldt University Berlin),
Gesa Stedman (GBZ Berlin), Eckart Voigts-Virchow (Siegen University)

The Centre for British Studies, Berlin (Großbritannienzentrum) will host an international conference on “Rewriting, Remixing, and Reloading: Adaptations across the Globe”, in co-operation with the Association of Adaptation Studies and the Centre of Adaptations, De Montfort University, Leicester.

Translation, transformation, appropriation, assimilation, adaptation – these processes of inter­textual and intermedial contact have been part and parcel of aesthetic activities since their very beginnings. For some time now, the academic sub-discipline of ‘Adaptation Studies’ has been active in exploring adaptive processes, but we feel that the impact of a global reservoir of images as well as the need to articulate cultural and aesthetic specificity in a climate of universal access have yet to make their full impact on adaptation studies. We would like to bring into narrow focus the various aesthetic processes and cultural issues at stake in adapting texts in a globalized world – responding both to the pressure of actualizing texts for a specific cultural moment and to the increasing globalization of cultures. We specifically seek to address media – from film and television to social media and platforms such as youtube – that tend to erase borders and barriers both of a temporal and geographical nature. We are looking forward both to programmatic and theoretical overviews and to significant case studies from this ubiquity of rewriting, remixing and reloading across media and genres. There are no restrictions on issues we would like to address, but proposals in the following areas are encouraged:

*       Theoretical perspectives and keywords in adaptation studies: adaptation, intertextuality, intermediality, remediation, translation, appropriation, re-writing, remixing, reloading.

*       Genres of adaptation: fantasy, Gothic, horror, science fiction, western, crime, romcom, teen movies, etc.

*       Adaptation and the canon.

*       Intercultural adaptation and assimilation: globalizing the ‘Anglosphere’.

*       Adapting nations, cultures and ethnicities.

*       Teaching adaptation across the globe.

*       The role of translation in adaptation studies.

*       Post-literary adaptation: cartoons, games, oral narratives.

*       Adaptation and performance.

*       Audiences of adaptation.

*       Locations of adaptation: film, television. Web 2.0, YouTube and social media.

*       Screens and sounds: adaptation, audiobooks and music.

*       Dressing up adaptations: costumes and mise-en-scène.

*       Adaptation and the stage: plays, theatre, performance.

*       Confrontational adaptation: mash-ups and trailer edits.

*       Cult adaptations and the cult of adaptation.

*       Actualizing the classics: myths, antiquity, Shakespeare, etc.

*       The auteurs of adaptation.

*       Adapting authors: literary bio-pics.

*       “Now a major motion picture” – marketing adaptation.

*       Adapting trauma and catastrophe.

*       Heritage and history in performance on stage and screen.

*       Remaking and rehashing: iterating, re-making and re-presenting film history on screen.

*       Adaptation industries: Hollywood, Bollywood, Europe.

*       Adaptation and gender: Masculinity, femininity, queerings.

*       Adapting fiction and non-fiction, documentary formats.

*       Adaptation and re-writing: Novels, novelizations, screenplays, storyboards.

*       Adaptation, parody, pastiche.

*       Metadaptation: Self-reflexive adaptations.


200-word abstracts of suggested papers (20 minutes) plus short biographical note should be sent by June 1, 2010, to Prof. Dr. Eckart Voigts-Virchow; e-mail: voigts-virchow@anglistik.uni-siegen.de

Only paid-up members of AAS are eligible to give papers at this conference. Membership subscriptions may be taken out during the conference.

CFP: IADIS International Conference E-Democracy, Equity & Social Justice 2010

Freiburg, Germany, 26 – 28 July 2010
( http://www.edemocracy-conf.org/)
part of the IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (MCCSIS 2010)
Freiburg, Germany 26 – 31 July 2010

* Conference background and goals
This conference aims to encourage and foster efforts of researchers and practitioners by sharing cutting-edge research, innovations, models, theories and strategies that address issues and challenges related to cultivating online communities for grassroots democracy, equity and social justice.

* Format of the Conference
The conference will comprise of invited talks and oral presentations. The proceedings of the conference will be published in the form of a book and CD-ROM with ISBN, and will be available also in the IADIS Digital Library (accessible on-line).

* Best Papers
Selected authors of best papers will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers to selected journals (i.e. IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems – ISSN: 1646-3692) including journals from INDERSCIENCE Publishers.

* Types of submissions
Full and Short Papers, Reflection Papers, Posters/Demonstrations, Tutorials, Panels and Doctoral Consortium.
All submissions are subject to a blind refereeing process.

* Topics for this conference include, but are not limited to:

*Unleashing the power of citizens in developing countries to use the Internet to drive their own social & political development agenda

Digital divide:
* Achievement of equity by bridging the digital divide and promoting critical and digital literacies

* Provision of effective online platforms for meaningful participation of citizens

* Optimization of wider access to democratic dialogues through successful community cultivation

Community cultivation
* Enhance the benefits of social development interventions through the use of digital, wireless and mobile
technologies for cultivating communities to conduct inquiry and socio-political action

* Facilitating sustainable grassroots, bottom up co-created solutions and approaches to leadership, human rights,
and civil society development

* Reports and reflections on the successes and failures of deploying e-mentoring strategies for raising political awareness, civic consciousness and community cultivation

* North-South, South-South, and public-private partnerships and collaboration for co-creation of online communities

Community Ownership & Strengthening
* Studies of efforts of involving citizens as stakeholders in initiatives to promote democracy, social justice and equity
by strengthening their capabilities and promoting their involvement in online communities.
* Important Dates:
– Submission Deadline (1st call extension): 24 May 2010
– Notification to Authors (1st call extension): 14 June 2010
– Final Camera-Ready Submission and Early Registration (1st call extension): Until 30 June 2010
– Late Registration (1st call extension): After 30 June 2010
– Conference: Freiburg, Germany, 26 – 28 July 2010

* Conference Location
The conference will be held in Freiburg, Germany.

* Secretariat
Rua Sao Sebastiao da Pedreira, 100, 3
1050-209 Lisbon, Portugal
E-mail: secretariat@edemocracy-conf.org
Web site: http://www.edemocracy-conf.org/

* Program Committee

e-Democracy, Equity and Social Justice 2010 Conference Program Chairs
Gurmit Singh, The 3-Os Research & Consulting, Singapore/Switzerland
Maggie McPherson, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

General MCCSIS 2010 Conference Co-Chairs:
Piet Kommers, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Pedro Isaías, Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open University), Portugal
Dirk Ifenthaler, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany
Nian-Shing Chen, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

Committee Members: *
* for committee list please refer to http://www.edemocracy-conf.org/committees.asp

Source: http://www.edemocracy-conf.org/

Internship: Communications Assistant at ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability

Internship: Communications Assistant
Deadline for applications: 30 April 2010
Start date: May 2010
The European Secretariat of ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability seeks to fill an internship position of Communications Assistant in its Information Services team. Information Services offers a wide range of services to the organisation, providing communication and technical services. The internship will offer a wide range of activities, focusing on ICLEI’s corporate information services, as well as communication work on European projects.

Writing, compiling and editing news, articles, press releases; e.g. uploading and co-ordinating daily news contributions, compiling and disseminating the “ICLEI in Europe News” e-newsletter and assisting with the production of other publications;
Extensive involvement in the redevelopment of the iclei-europe.org webpage;
Editing and quality control of project websites;
Writing and editing of information material, such as leaflets and brochures;
Expansion, quality control and maintenance of communication database;
Contributing to project development and fund-raising for international projects on urban sustainability;
General assistance (such as correspondence, translation, minute writing, preparing information stands, etc.).
Education: Academic degree in journalism, communications, marketing or other relevant field;
Computer skills: Confident user of all Microsoft Office applications, databases, some web editing experience (Typo3 or other CMS), desktop publishing software;
Organisational skills: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (orally and in writing), ability to write in a range of styles, precision and ability to be self-organised within a complex team, confident manner when dealing with project partners;
Languages: near native command of English, ideally mother tongue, further languages welcome;
Aptitude for creativity: graphic design skills, in terms of desktop publishing and image processing welcome;
Previous work experiences in an international organisation, local government or NGO are desirable.
A quick learner with a positive attitude is ideally suited to this position.
Limited contract, duration from May 2010 until November 2010 (6 months)
ICLEI offers a modest internship salary of € 700, i.e. about € 500 after tax and social insurance fees (room rents in Freiburg start around € 250 per month)
Place of work: ICLEI European Secretariat, Freiburg, Germany
Workings hours: 40/week, six weeks of paid leave per annum (i.e. three weeks for six months)
Working language: English
Applicants must hold EU citizenship or valid EU residence permit and a valid German work permit. Applications not meeting these conditions can unfortunately not be considered
Deadline for application: 30 April 2010
Be aware that applications are reviewed continuously upon arrival, therefore application as soon as possible is advisable!
For more information about ICLEI visit: www.iclei-europe.org

Source: Uni-Bonn-Medienwissenschaft.de

Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2010, 21-23 June 2010, Bonn, Germany

The vast majority of the scientific world agrees that the environment would collapse with an increase in global temperature beyond 2° Celsius. Combating global warming and its potential dangers requires various forms of action.

  •  Adaptation – minimizing the effects of unusual and extreme weather events such as heat waves, wind storms, floods and droughts.
  •  Mitigation – reducing the causes of climate change and global warming (designing energy policy, advancing renewable energies, eliminating the use of fossil fuels).
  • Vision – transforming into a post-fossil fuel, sustainable, lowcarbon society.

All of this requires a fundamental change in attitude, behaviour and lifestyle at an individual level as well as in the economic and political realms at large. Here is where media can and must play a crucial role. These matters of consciousness and awareness are profoundly shaped by the media.

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2010 will address and assess the pivotal issues that have consigned the world to such a precarious state and seek a viable way out by looking at the role of the media on an international, national and local level. The 2010 conference will bring together media users and producers, scientists, peace keeping and conf lict prevention specialists, energy industry experts, policy makers as well as representatives from international, grassroots and non-governmental organizations to discuss how to harmonize individual and collective action in order to steer the world away from a foreboding future and instead toward genuine sustainability. The role the media play in this process will consistently be in focus during the three-day conference.

Join the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2010 and participate in the change the world cannot afford to delay.



Source: http://www.dw-gmf.de/index.php

Fellowships for Journalists

The American Council on Germany offers three distinct fellowships to enable journalists to explore timely topics in depth overseas while broadening their personal and professional perspectives.

Journalists who are U.S. citizens and who are based in the United States are eligible to apply for the McCloy Fellowships in Journalism. The fellowship program covers transatlantic travel and pre-approved inter-city travel, together with a per diem of $200 for 21 days. Fellows have the option to extend for up to seven additional days if a compelling need is demonstrated. Applicants for the McCloy Fellowships are considered once a year in the spring by an external jury of distinguished journalists. From 2001 to 2007, the Council also offered American journalists the opportunity to travel under the auspices of the ACG Journalism Fellowships.

Journalists who are German citizens and who are based in Germany are also eligible to apply for the McCloy Fellowships in Journalism, and Berlin-based journalists are eligible to apply for the Anna-Maria and Stephen M. Kellen Fellowships. The McCloy Fellowships cover transatlantic travel and pre-approved inter-city travel, and provide a per diem of $200 for up to 21 days, with an option to extend the fellowship for an additional week. Applicants for the McCloy Fellowships are considered by the ACG once a year in the spring. The Kellen Fellowships cover transatlantic travel and pre-approved inter-city travel, and provide a per diem of $200 for up to 28 days. Kellen Fellowships may also include an orientation session in New York City if the timing of the fellowship coincides with a New York-based event which is of interest to all fellows, followed by individual research and reporting, either in New York or in other areas of the country. Applicants for the Kellen Fellowships are considered once a year by the ACG in the spring.

Application deadline: Friday, April 30, 2010

More Information: http://uni-bonn-medienwissenschaft.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/McCloy-Journalism-2010-Call-for-Applications-German.pdf

Source: http://www.acgusa.org/about2.php?pagename=Fellowships&subpagename=For+Journalists